"Said the towers as you wandered through St. Jamestown". St. Jamestown is the largest high-rise community in Canada and one of the densest neighbourhoods in North America. It is the emblem of 60's modernist social housing in Toronto. George Baird's satirical 'doomsday drawing' showed all of downtown Toronto covered in projects like this and to me represent giant "tombstones for a city of the future".


Said the towers as you wandered through St. Jamestown
You've made us tombstones for your city of the future
And tread lightly on the surface of your potter's ground
For one day you'll share your last earthly bed with strangers

Our blessings on you citizens of the Necropolis
Pray watch over them our lady of the valley
And in the end do all our epitaphs amount to this
I should have done, I will have been, I will have become the setting sun

Said you'd burn long like an ember
Said you'd glow deep in the night
Said you'd be the glass stained amber
Always in warm chapel light


from Queen City: Volume Two, released July 21, 2015



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Ketch Harbour Wolves Toronto, Ontario

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